The Art of Feminine Embodiment

with Katrina Leah 

Empowered Pregnancy and Birth Workshops 

            Empowered Birthing Workshop

 When it comes down to it , birth is an unknown journey  

No matter how many times you have given birth, many women long to be able to give birth physiologically and using their own inner resources as much as possible  

This workshop aims to empower you and your birth partners with the deeper resources and tools to give yourself the ability to meet whatever you are faced during your labour and birth 

This is a six hour workshop held over one whole Saturday from 9.30 am to 4.30pm for pregnant women and birth partners to learn and practice some proven techniques for working with the physical and emotional challenges of labour and birth 

  • Best attended from 24 weeks to 36 weeks, earlier gives you time to start integrating the techniques and practising them so that they become second nature to use during labour. The use of these practices are also excellent for relationship building in couples  

  • You will learn and practice skills such as acupressure, breath- work, positional techniques to optimise baby's position, mindfulness and much more !

  • We will  explore the role of the support person , specifically focussing on your partner and how he or she can prepare themselves to be able to support you on the day and beyond

Fee includes light refreshments during the day and a package of relevant notes , brochures and samples. I also follow up the workshop with relevant links and some notes for your reference 

If you would prefer a private class in your home that can be tailored to your specific needs , please contact me for further discussion and to book a date

Group Workshop fee:  $175 per couple with a  discount available Parents Centre Childbirth Education course participants.  

Private Class in your home : $200 for 4-5 hours 

with a  discount available Parents Centre Childbirth Education course participants.  


Christchurch - every second month